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Welcome to Bean’s Boats – the premier online destination for yacht rentals, leasing, and yacht charters.  We compile the very best yachts for rent and list those details out on our website to do the hard work for you.  All you need to do is select a location that you wish to charter from, or a type of yacht rental to suit you, and we will direct you to the best brokers to save you money and time searching online.

How to Rent a Yacht

If you want to rent a yacht, for a day, or for a week, or for however long, simply use the top navigation on our website to get started and to choose your yacht charter.  We have unique partnerships with the leading luxury yacht charter brokers and companies, with destinations all over the globe ranging from the United States (Yacht rentals in Miami, Florida, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Tampa, New York, NYC, Seattle, Los Angeles, and more) to Europe (Greece, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, and more), the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Cancun in Mexico – in fact anywhere around the globe that you want to charter or rent a yacht, we will be able to connect you up with the best deals and offers to suit your budget and timeframes.

Yacht Rental – How to Book

As we mentioned, all the offers and deals are available via our partners who hold full itinerary details, questions on insurance, crew, locations, prices, and costs.  Bean’s Boats do not directly handle your booking.  All yacht for rent deals are arranged and booked by our charter partners.

Browse all Yachts for Rent

If you would like to get started on your journey then you have a number of different options available to you.  You can either use the navigation bar to drill down to a specific location around the globe, or use the banners that you see on the website which take you to our partner broker websites where more detail on all yacht leasing options are available.

You can find yachts for rent for one day or a week.  We have longer term rentals too.
You can find yachts for rent for one day or a week. We have longer term rentals too.

Rent a Yacht for a Day

It’s now possible to do short-term rentals for just one day.  Whether you have a special occasion such as a wedding or party, of just want to experience life on the high seas in a luxury environment then this option is for you.  Click now to explore the various different options including departure points, prices, and costs.

Rent a Yacht for a Week

The most popular option we currently direct users is to those who wish to rent a yacht for a week.  This is becoming a fantastic vacation and holiday option, with many cases where it’s actually works out cheaper and more cost effective than booking a week’s holiday in a luxury hotel.  If this is something that you have not considered before then take a look at the fabulous destinations and locations on offer from Bean’s Boats – your premier choice for yacht rentals, leasing, and hire.

Want Something Longer Term?

We can also help you to find a long term yacht rental depending on your requirements, preferred locations, and destinations.  Here’s a video of the type of luxury you could expect in just one global location.

Other Services We Offer

In addition to the helping with the renting of yachts, we also have some excellent information on the following connected and associated services and charters.

  • Information on Crewed Yacht Charters
  • Super Yacht and Mega Yacht Charters & Rentals
  • Luxury Yachts for Rent
  • Luxury Yacht Charters
  • Sailboat Rentals
  • Yacht Weddings & Vacations
  • Party Boat Rental & Yacht Party Bookings

In fact, if you can do it on a boat or do it at sea, then Bean’s Boats are your number one go to website for all things relating to these subjects.

For those who are new to yacht renting, we have recently compiled a handy guide to show you just how affordable leasing and rentals can be.  You can read that guide here: Yacht rental prices.

Want Your Rental Yachts Featured Here?

If you are a yacht rentals company and would like your details featured on Bean’s Boats then please complete our contact form to get in touch with us.  Every month we are taking on more partners and charter companies.  With our excellent search engine rankings and online visibility we are able to drive huge amounts of bookings through to our partner and affiliate relationships so get in touch with us today!

Yacht Rental – Full Disclosure and How We Work

The Bean’s Boats website is run by a team of experienced sailors, ex-charter crew members, and marine boating and yachting enthusiasts.  We know the industry inside and out and developed our motor yacht rentals website in order to give our visitors the easiest avenue into choosing a yacht to rent.  Just so you know, we have unique partnerships with the charter companies and brokers in ports all around the globe.

Due to this partnership, we can offer you links into their best deals.  If you do decide to book and rent a yacht for a day, the week, of a longer term agreement, then Bean’s Boats receives a small referral fee and commission for connecting you to the broker.  This commission does not get added to your booking fee, but is paid to us from the profits of the brokers and yacht charter companies themselves.  We hope you can continue to support us and make sure you mention us to your friends and share our website on social media channels.  Happy sailing!

PS: We understand that “yacht” is one of those words that can frequently be misspelled.  Because of that we have tried to optimise our website so that people searching for a yaht, yahct, yacth, jaht or yaught can find us.